We went out for dinner at Max after the UConn championship parade in Hartford, CT. They had a special 3 course dinner for $29.99. I chose the spinach salad for the appetizer, the prime rib for the entree, and the chocolate peanut butter cupcake for dessert. For $29.99, I thought the prime rib would be a small piece. I was surprise when this came out.

Holy Rosary Church in Reading, PA had these palms for sale for Palm Sunday. I was amazed by the handiwork. One of the ladies said that it would take her about 6 hours for some of these.

Breaking my diet, and my first donut in months, I just had to try the Dunkin Donuts Peeps donut. Really yummy. It wasn’t overly sweet as I thought it would be.

Another Peeps creation for Easter, this time by Dunkin Donuts (photo from DD’s website). I don’t know about this; it might be too sweet. But I’d give it a try.

Save the date!

Pokemon fun from Google Maps for April Fool’s Day!!!

Photo from Godiva’s website. It’s supposedly available at certain Godiva boutique stores. I think I need to find one.

So glad that Prince is back on the airwaves with this song from the New Girl episode that he was guest of. He’s always been one of my favorites.

I think she’ll win because nun can be better than her!!!


Frozen + Tangled + The Little Mermaid = ???

After reading this, you’ll never look at these Disney movies the same way again!